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Mausoleum Cremation Urn Cabinets

Memento Mori Mausoleums is a woodworking and art studio, specializing in unique, hand crafted creations and products, all intended to memorialize and honor the memory of family, friends, pets, and loved ones. Our signature product is a line of cremation urn cabinets, designed and built to mimic the look of traditional mausoleums, but functioning as a columbarium cabinet.

A columbarium is a mausoleum like structure where individual cremation urns are housed.

The video accompanying this post features a highly customized mausoleum cabinet, it is also the largest size we currently offer, standing at just over five feet tall.

It has two fully adjustable shelves, and an attic space accessed via use of a secret compartment lever. There are three secret compartments in total, the second is a hidden drawer, and the last is the urn at the top of the pediment. The faux white marble tombstone is CNC carved with the family name, and the names and dates of, in this case, the pets who are housed inside. There are two exposed brick areas on the walls beneath the plaster of the mausoleum and air plants growing from the base of the pediment. The outer surfaces are all faux painted and aged. In the evening, subtle lighting is achieved through use of remote controlled LED candles, which add even more realism to the look and function of the Mausoleum cabinet.

The smaller size cabinets, found on the website are also customizable. They feature a selection of pediment tops, faux painting options, one adjustable shelf, and a custom carved faux white marble tombstone.

Please visit my website, Memento Mori Mausoleums for more information on having a cabinet custom designed and manufactured, or to see the other items offered to honor and remember those you have loved and lost.

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