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Funerary urns, cinerary urns, and burial urns have been utilized by many civilizations, with archaeological evidence dating all the way back to the Bronze Age.  Our modern culture is again embracing this ancient practice, which allows us to retain a small portion of our loved ones into a portable vessel for remembrance. The number of choices available for modern cremation urns is staggering. 

On this page you will find handmade Betta Fish urn kits, complete with a small cremation capsule, a small cremation oven, and full instructions. Custom urns are also available.

Also offered are a variety of commercial cremation jewelry pendants.  These pendants may  take up to three weeks or more to arrive due to global shipping delays.

These are some examples of the custom designed urns we have made for our clients, from actual photos of their pets.  If you are interested in finding out more information, please visit the Custom Works page and feel free to contact me with your ideas.

Personalized Dog Urn
Custom Betta Fish funeral urn

Betta Fish Urn Cremation Kit


Cremation Urn Jewelry