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Our largest cremation urn at this time, featuring a woodburned Day of the Dead Cat and oil pencil coloring.  This urn may be used for the cremated remains of family and pets.  The urn is secured on the bottom with star drive screws and comes complete with a special bit driver for easy removal and access. This urn would be suitable for a pet, smaller person, or as a sharing urn, as when dividing cremated remains among friends and family.


Box wood type: Oak with Walnut

Bottom wood type: Walnut

Outer box size:  8 3/4" L x 5" W x 5" H

Inside cubic inches: 123


*Cubic inches are approximately equal to the total weight of the person or pet. Every pound of the total weight requires one cubic inch of space. So if a person weighed 123 lbs. you will need an urn that is 123 cubic inches or larger.

Cremation Urn, Day of the Dead Cat, Oak & Walnut

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