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Casting Sticks / Druid Wands

What do Druid Sticks and Geomancy have to do with Druids? Most likely, the Druids never used a set of Druid Sticks (also called Casting Sticks and Druid Wands) Many cultures practiced Geomancy; a form of divination based on the number of holes made in sand or dirt. Medieval Geomancers scribed dots on parchment. As the holes (or dots) were counted they would form figures which represented a variety of interpretations similar to a Tarot card reading. In fact each pattern represents an actual Tarot card from a standard deck. The Druid sticks will show one of the sixteen possible Geomantic figures with each reading.


The Druid Sticks are hand crafted in the studio. from a variety of solid woods, each with solid wood inlays.  The sticks have a nominal measurement of 6" in length and 7/8" wide. Each set of sticks comes with a protective, burgundy colored, square casting cloth and drawstring bag.


While supplies last, a custom fitted roll bag may be purchased separately.