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Planchettes & Talking Boards

Planchettes and the more popular Talking Boards were considered the basic tools Spiritualism.  The Spiritualists of the Victorian Era participated in seances, consulted with mediums, experimented with table rapping, Spirit Boards, Automatic Writing and all types of divination methods.

The Planchette, a French word for “little plank,” was a heart shaped piece of wood with wheels and a slot for holding a pencil or some other writing implement. The purpose of a planchette was to assist with the generation of automatic writing, or as a medium to encourage communication with the spirit world.

The planchette was embraced by spiritualists and reigned in popularity from the early 1850’s, through the Victorian Era, only to be supplanted by the modern Talking Board, the Ouija, starting around 1890.

A variety of planchettes are offered here for your own adventures into the spirit realm.  Also offered is a Talking Board with hand painted letters on a two inch thick, solid Oak wood slab.

Victorian Spiritualists

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