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The Victorians were well known for their obsession with death and the afterlife.  They revitalized acceptance and interest in the spiritual, supernatural, and fantastic.  It was known collectively as Spiritualism.  They participated in seances, consulted with mediums, experimented with table rapping, Spirit Boards, Automatic Writing and all types of divination methods.

For you see, it wasn't enough to host a funeral at one's home, and sit up all night with the body of the deceased.  Or to wait at the grave with the light fading, hoping against hope for a dead ringer. Or to simply make memorials for the people who had passed. The next step, naturally, was communication with the dead or with the spirit realm.  I doubt there was ever a time when the living found it easy to stand gazing over into the murky shadows of the afterlife, not wondering what messages may come forth from the beyond. 

Functional reproductions of some Spiritualism and divination tools are offered here for your curiosity and sense of adventure.

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Automatic Writing Planchette 



Talking to the dead?

The purpose of a planchette is to assist with the generation of automatic writing, or as a medium to encourage communication with the spirit world.  You're one pencil away from receiving otherworldly messages.


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Casting Sticks / Druid Wands



A Tarot reading using wooden sticks?

These sticks go by many names, but they all perform the same function.  Like the Tarot cards which came much later in history, both methods derive from the ancient practice of Geomancy. Each of the 16 possible figures represents one pattern, or Tarot Card. 


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For on the go answers.

Divination is the practice of seeking answers, while utilizing tools that interact with the supernatural and spiritual. Sky Stones answer yes and no questions, while pendulums have more diversity and may be used to interact with the spirit world, answer questions, and as an alternate tool for water dowsing.


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Solid Oak Spirit Board


This is not a toy

This is a handmade Spirit Board, Ouija Board, or Talking board. They go by many names. Spirit Boards are used for direct communication with the spirit world. It is a tool utilized to interact with the unknown.


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Little Plank
Memento Mori Mausoleums Custom Cremation Urn Display Cabinets
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