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This is a handmade Spirit Board, Ouija Board, or Talking board. It goes by many names. The use of Spirit Boards is a direct communication with the spirit world. It is a tool utilized to interact with the unknown.

This particular Spirit Board was hand made in my studio, the letters and numbers were hand painted and sealed. This board is solid, made from a thick piece of Red Oak, it measures 12 inches wide, by 18 3/4 inches long by 2 inches thick. The Planchette is made from Ash and has felt cushions on each of its three feet to facilitate easy movement and preservation of the board.

Oak and Ash are both traditionally revered woods in the supernatural world that are said to ward off evil. I always believed that a board made from these powerful materials would prove to be a safer gateway than others.

Spirit Board / Talking Board

SKU: SprtBrd01
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