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Mausoleum Cremation Urn Cabinets and Custom Urns 

Welcome to Memento Mori Mausoleums.  Losing a family member, friend, or pet is never an easy transition.  At Memento Mori Mausoleums, honoring the memories of your loved ones is our mission.  We are here to listen to your needs, as many of the products offered at Memento Mori are personalized and custom designed to the specifications of our clients.  Our Mausoleum style cremation urn cabinets may be customized with your family name, and the names and dates of all those to be housed within. If you are looking for a unique way to display the cremation urns you already have for a beloved dog, cat, or family member, you've come to the right place. Our custom urn display cabinets are one of a kind.

Why should you shop at Memento Mori Mausoleums?

Memento Mori Mausoleums is not a wholesale store, we are artists who hand craft every wood product offered on this site in our woodworking studio. Our Jet and Onyx gemstone mourning jewelry is also made in the studio. This allows us to personalize your items easily, and to focus on your specific needs. 

We're also a bit unique in our approach to mourning, and memorializing those who have passed. We offer our flagship item: the personalized Mausoleum Cremation Urn Cabinet, for storage of human and pet urns, as well as personal items. These are furniture grade cabinets that are intended to be passed down through the family line. We also offer uniquely designed cremation urns, and a Betta Fish cremation kit; complete with a fish shaped urn and do it yourself instructions. We also offer flower presses, handmade and commercial mourning jewelry and memorial pins for ladies and gentlemen, as well as artisan cremation urn jewelry by Bailey & Bailey to memorialize family, friends, and pets.

Then we take it a step further.

We are quite fond of the Victorian Era and their unconventional mourning practices and customs. This is why we offer a selection of Spiritualism and divination tools for those who wish to attempt communication with the other side. The automatic writing planchettes are hand crafted with an original design, and wood burned with traditional cemetery iconography, such as the death's head and the tempus fugit winged hourglass.

I hope you will explore all we have to offer, the sitemap is a good page to visit in order to get a complete overview of our products. If you are interested in a custom item, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your leisure. Thank you for stopping in.

Memento Mori Mausoleums Custom Cremation Urn Display Cabinets
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