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This is a highly customized, one of a kind, handmade Vampire Hunting Kit. This kit has everything the discriminating Vampire Slayer could hope for.

>13 assorted vials with herbs, seeds, roots, etc...
>Holy water, syringe and garlic cloves
>4 wooden vampire stakes of varying sizes and one wooden mallet.
>A vintage bible from the late 1800's and a vintage rosary.
>2 candlesticks and a reproduction set of Brighton Buns.
>Strike anywhere matches with custom wooden case.
>A 13" dagger with a coffin shaped handle.
>Two coils of rope.
>Rusty Nails
>Antique mirror / magnifying glass / binocular / compass / multi tool.
>Secret compartment with hidden letter.
>Detailed instruction manual
>Weighs about 65 Pounds
>Case measures approximately 24" x 13" x 15"
>Hand dovetailed construction with antique reproduction hardware.

If you have any questions about this item, please contact me!

Vampire Hunting Kit Antique Reproduction

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