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This Memento Mori necklace is designed in the style of Victorian Mourning Jewelry.  Memento Mori is a Latin term meaning, 'Remember that you must die.'  This modern take on Victorian Mourning Jewelry is made with silver roses, black onyx beads and a locket pendant. The necklace measures 17 1/2", the pendant measures 1 1/8" in diameter by 1/4" thick on the outside. The actual inside measurement is 1/8" tall by 7/8" in diameter.

These clear glass fobs were traditionally used to house intricate hair weavings from the deceased, or pressed flowers arranged into patterns, but there are no limits with how you choose to memorialize your loved ones.

Because most dark stones are associated with the Root Chakra, these stones promote healing and ease depression. They help reduce anxiety and hurt. They also assist in transforming energies into positive growth.


This is a custom made item. If you would like this design in another size, please drop me a line.

Memento Mori Mourning Necklace with Onyx Lotus & glass fob

    Memento Mori Mausoleums Custom Cremation Urn Display Cabinets
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