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This Memento Mori necklace is designed in the style of Victorian Mourning Jewelry.  Memento Mori is Latin term meaning, 'Remember that you have to die.'   This modern take on Victorian Mourning Jewelry is made with traditional Jet gemstone beads, and carved Black Onyx flowers. 

Because most dark stones are associated with the Root Chakra, these stones promote healing and ease depression. They help reduce anxiety and hurt.  They also assist in transforming energies into positive growth. The over sized Black Onyx flowers are symbolic of love and remembrance.



These necklaces really hold it together. They are made with 49 strand beading wire, held together with sterling silver crimps and attached with a toggle to keep it secure.  This design not only outlasts stretchy bracelets, it looks much nicer too.

Total length from Toggle to Ring clasp, 17 1/4"

(If you would like this design in another size, drop me a line!)

1 - 12mm carved flower bead: Black Onyx
2 - 10mm carved flower bead: Black Onyx
24 - 8mm:  Jet beads
12 - 18mm:  Jet barrel tube beads

Other Materials:  Coated multi strand beading wire, sterling crimp beads, stainless steel beads, pewter toggle.

One nice necklace.

Mourning jewelry has been around since at least the 16th century, but it is widely associated with the Victorian Era, when mass production made it affordable. The trend reached its high point after the death of Prince Albert in 1861, when Queen Victoria, as well as members of her court, wore black clothing and matching mourning jewelry for decades.

Thanks to this royal example, black jewelry became quite fashionable. The best pieces were made out of Jet, a fossilized coal found near Whitby, England. Other common and less expensive materials for mourning jewelry used between 1860 and 1900 were Onyx, Vulcanite, black glass, and Bog Oak.

Mourning was the backdrop of the time. The entire late Victorian era has been described as “the Cult of Mourning” where mourning entered social conventions, fashion and infused most aspects of life.  Throughout the 1860s, Queen Victoria was not alone in her Grief. 

In the United States, the Civil War raged, and women from both North and South donned mourning clothes. 

Mourning required strict protocol. The first year was full mourning, where only black clothing and jewelry was permissible. After that, half-mourning colors including as gray, mauve, and purple were suitable.  Victorian mourning conventions have influenced the aesthetics of many subcultures over time, including Gothic, Steampunk, Punk, S&M, Fantasy and Anime.


BLACK ONYX – Root Chakra

A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion, or grief. Black Onyx fosters wise decision-making.

Use Black Onyx to encourage happiness and good fortune. Black Onyx is a strength-giving stone and can provide support for self-discipline issues. Because it helps to hold physical memories, Black Onyx can be useful in healing old wounds or past life issues.

Black Onyx is wonderful for meditation and dreaming. When using Black Onyx for either of these purposes, use a secondary grounding stone in combination with the Onyx. Black Onyx helps one to master their future.

Protection, healing, grounding, prevents psychic attack, protects against black magic and negative influences, reduces anxiety, heightens intuition and instinct, heals past life issues and old hurts.

JET – Root Chakra

Jet is referred to as "black jewel", but it is of organic origin. Jet is a form of lignite; a type of coal that formed when trees were buried in sediment and then fossilized. If rubbed, Jet gets a charge. It used to be a part of many types of ancient jewelry and was the most popular stone used in the manufacture of Victorian mourning jewelry. Jet's color can be from subtle tan to dark brown and black, but the most common is black. It possesses a silky glow that takes a high polish and looks similar to dark hematite.

Jet is used for removal of negative energies, including negative thoughts, fears, and emotional attachments which allow for dramatic personal growth. Jet is able to produce an atmosphere of peace, calm, and serenity, reducing the feeling of depression. 

Jet is a grounding and balancing mineral. Because it can accumulate a negative charge, Jet is excellent for attracting knowledge and wisdom. Jet's origin can tell you much about this interesting stone; it occurs from wood that was buried under the ground, transformed and fossilized, and as such, Jet has access to both ancient knowledge and to the transforming powers of the earth. 

Grounding, removes negative energies, promotes healing and personal growth, reduces feelings of depression, transforming energy, ancient knowledge

Thanks for looking, and reading!  Visit my shop for other unique and handmade items made at Memento Mori Mausoleums.  Custom sizing available on any of my bracelets as well as custom designs.  Feel free to drop me a line with any questions you may have.

If you would like this design in another size, please drop me a line.

Memento Mori Mourning Necklace Jet and Black Onyx Lotus Flowers

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