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Personalization is a big part of what we do at Memento Mori Mausoleums.  All Mausoleum Cremation Cabinet doors may be carved with names, dates, an epitaph, or any personal insignia.

Customized cremation urns may be a simple silhouette, copied from a photo of your fish, as shown with the Betta Fish cremation urn below. 

They may also be a silhouette combined with wood burning, as shown here with a highly customized dog memorial portrait urn in Curly Maple and Mahogany.

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Customization extends to all handmade Mourning Jewelry pieces. They may be sized to fit, the design may be altered, and a cremation urn pendant may be added.

Please contact us at any time for more details about obtaining a custom urn, a family cremation urn cabinet, or a specialized Mourning Jewelry design.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

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